About Us

Richard has worked in cities all over the world and always dreaded his daily commute. There were no options besides sitting in endless traffic, being sneezed on by strangers on crowded subway trains or getting way too sweaty on a bike. Or so he thought.

One day, after coming across the first rental scooters, he had a Eureka! moment. There was definitely something there, but that wasn't exactly it. Rental scooters didn’t solve all the problems of regular use in cities. They often lacked a charge, were damaged and unrideable, or were not even there when you needed them! Let’s be honest, they were rather unreliable.

To tackle this problem he needed someone who knew about micromobility and was passionate about personal transportation. So he reached out to Carson, an engineer who hadn’t used his feet to get around anywhere in the past five years, and got down to business. Five meetings, six scooters and twelve test rides later, they knew that they could build a game-changing product.

They wanted a scooter made with quality components that would last. One designed for real roads, that could be accessible to everyone and make commuting fun. Could all this be done while helping reduce congestion and pollution in the cities we loved? The answer was yes! So they scooted their way to the drawing room and began designing the scooter of their dreams… and that's how Taur was born.

Since then, we’ve grown from a couple to a few, but we remain as committed as ever to building the most versatile electric scooter the world has ever seen. We've travelled the world test-riding every scooter available and now we laugh on the way to meetings instead of groaning. And why shouldn't we have fun getting where we need to go? Why shouldn't everyone?

Taur is at the forefront of the transportation revolution with the world's most versatile scooter. Built just for you.

Meet the team

We are seasoned professionals with years of expertise in relevant industries. You won’t find a group with more experience of electric vehicle technology, business, and online retailing.

Richard Adey

Chief Executive Officer

In a nutshell, Richard’s job is to ensure the project stays on track, raising money, ensuring it is spent sensibly and finding the best compromise between engineering constraints and our users’ needs. Before Taur, Richard has worked in the technology and transportation industries, and has 15 years experience in online retail. Among other projects, he founded a large cafe and a personalised children’s books publishing house.

He likes working with bright and interesting people and having meetings in the sun, although if you ask him, he’ll tell you he’d rather not have any meetings at all! The rest of the time, Richard is a fanatical cyclist, rower and tri-athlete, as well as an over-enthusiastic dad who pushes his sons far too much. He likes baking his own sour dough bread and experimental cooking.

Carson Brown

Head of Product

As well as a design wiz, Carson is the engineering mastermind behind the Taur project. His job involves integrating the mechanical, electrical, and software streams into one cohesive and amazing-to-use product that our users will love and cherish. In the past, he’s been involved in other personal transportation successes, taking a product from scratch to market with a small team within just a couple of years!

Carson believes that, right now, changing behaviours around transportation is one of the most important things we can do to improve our environment. Outside of work, he is into all things sporting and loves reading about people building ground-breaking products and companies. He also enjoys making stuff and will never say no to a sweet snack.

John Desmond

Engineering Director

John is a mechanical engineer with a keen eye for detail and an unhealthy enthusiasm for LED lighting. His role at Taur involves developing the mechanical structure of our scooter and coordinating its manufacture. In his 39 years of experience he has worked on numerous projects ranging from nuclear hydraulic manipulators (whatever they are) to commercial lighting. He even holds several engineering patents!

John is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and the encouragement of others in the workplace. He enjoys restoring classic cars back to their former glory as he believes in “waste not want not”.

Susana Fernandez

Brand Manager

Susana’s job involves communicating a consistent brand identity through all our platforms and liaising with our stakeholders, as well as advocating for our users’ needs. She tries to push for creative solutions to the brand’s problems, often questioning past decisions and forcing us all to take a step back so we can take two forwards!

Susana believes there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and that given that smiling is free, everyone should do it more often! In her spare time, she enjoys growing plants in her flat, baking (and eating) cheesecake and reading good literature.

Our team have worked with the best, including: