About Us

A while ago, we came across the first electric scooters and thought they were great fun. It’s hard not to ride one without a big grin on your face!

Sadly, we also found that they weren't designed for the real world: they weren't reliable enough, didn’t cope with rough road surfaces, were unstable when riding, they were extremely hard to repair and good luck carrying one up to your apartment or office!

So we set about creating something better: an electric scooter that will take you anywhere you want - uphill, on public transport, to your desk (and under it). One that is built to last and is designed with safety at its heart.

In short, an electric scooter for the real road and the real world.

We believe electric scooters will create a revolution in personal transportation.

We are building the world’s most practical, portable scooter to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Meet the team

We are seasoned professionals with years of expertise in relevant industries. You won’t find a group with more experience of electric vehicle technology, business, and online retailing.

Richard Adey

Chief Executive Officer

Richard’s been running technology-based companies for more years than he’d like to remember.  When not running companies he obtained an impressive array of engineering degrees and business qualifications.

Carson Brown

Head of Product

Carson may look young but he knows more about micro-mobility and electric vehicle technology than anyone you’ll ever meet. He makes the rest of us look old!

John Desmond

Engineering Director

John might not be the oldest but he does have the most experience of engineering and technology companies.  He’s also happy to jump on a plane at short notice and go help any of our suppliers, no matter where they are!

Our team have worked with the best, including: